2019 Cache Dash Splash (CDS5)

Heres a sneak peek of the 2019 CDS coin. This beautiful nautical design features a ship’s portal with the Graveyard of the Pacific inside the portal. This Chris Mackey designed coin will look even more stunning when it’s in your possession.

2018 Cache Dash Splash (CDS4)

There are still quite a few of 2018 geocoins remaining.  You can earn one by completing the 2018 passport. You may download a copy of the passport from the link below, or you can pick up a copy of the passport at the Long Beach Peninsula Visitor Center.

2018 Cache Dash Splash – Rails and Trails Passport download link

2018 Cache Dash Splash Cache Bookmark List Link

2017 Cache Dash Splash (CDS3)

There are no more 2017 geocoins remaining to claim, but many of the geocaches are still available for you to enjoy finding.

Please keep in mind that the geocaches for the 2017 coin challenge are spread out between Long Beach and Raymond, WA, so allow about an hour’s driving time each way, plus the time you’ll need to find the geocaches.

2016 Cache Dash Splash (CDS2)

The CDS2 caches have been archived. As of 1/22/19, all of the 2016 CDS2 coins have been claimed.